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    Not all tail wags are happy ones. You need to take a look at the position of the tail. If it seems stiff and carried high, that is an agitated dog on the verge of protecting its territory. If the dog wags its tail very low and quick, that is a sign of a submissive, fearful dog. However, if the body, mouth and ears seem relaxed and the tail is in a middle position, in most cases you have a happy dog on your hands. The important thing to remember, if the dog does not know you always exercise caution. It is always better to be safe than sorry. It might comeback to bite you!
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    Dogs love to dig and it is not a dangerous behavior as long as your dog is not trying to escape. However, it is not good for your garden. The first thing you need to do is check the yard to be sure there are no holes in and around the fencing. Safety is the first concern as far as your dog getting out of the yard.  Digging is a way for a dog to expel its energies. Provide your dog with other activities – walk him, run him, play ball or Frisbee, anything to get him moving. He won’t feel so compelled to dig. If you have to leave your dog outside for long periods, alone, consider puzzle toys like the Kong toy. You can place hidden treats in this type of toy, providing your dog with hours of fun as he /she works to get to the food. Many Kong toys are indestructible and a dog will not give up until every piece of food is retrieved. This is a fun and safe way to provide exercise for your pet – and they will have no time or energy to dig.   Learn about different breeds of dogs.
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    Humping is most often considered a sexual action, predominantly in males, but this is not always the case. Female dogs sometimes hump as well and this behavior is also a part of asserting authority. It is a very embarrassing action when guests arrive and your dog humps their leg. The behavior does need to cease. The first action is to have the pet desexed – this helps at least 60 per cent of dogs to stop humping. Sometimes a medication is necessary by reducing libido and stabilizing dominance in the animal. Humping is a natural behavior in dogs and can be prevented with persistence on your part. When in the act, redirect your dog’s attention however you can by saying a firm “no” while pushing him down from whatever he is humping and offer a favorite toy, chew bone or treat. Praise the dog when he stops. Exercise your dog with a walk and/or play time as well to expel pent up energy and frustration.   Read more on different breeds of dogs from our about pets library.
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    Many dogs learn begging behavior, partly because their humans give in to feeding them people food. To stop the behavior, which is best for the animal as well as yourself, there are some things you can do. Have a set feeding time for your dog, usually at breakfast and dinner time when you sit down to eat, and stick to that schedule. Never give your dog anything but dog food. Their food should be given in a different location from the family dining area. You can try to train your dog by crating it or blocking it from the dining area during mealtimes. While confined, make sure you give your dog something to preoccupy its time – favorite toys, puzzle toys or rawhides. If the dog whines or tries to beg, use a firm “no” and hand it one of the approved toys. The behavior will not stop immediately but with patience, your dog will learn he is not part of your mealtimes. The dog will not continue to beg if you ignore him and never give in – he sees there is no reward and will stop this annoying behavior.   Learn more about dogs from our ever growing library.
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    If your dog has a chewing problem, it is important to get to the root of the problem. If there are certain things the dog favors, try spraying those items or areas with bitter apply, Tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper. However, training your dog to stop this behavior and chew the appropriate items is a better, more effective alternative. When you catch the dog chewing, say a firm “No” and replace the inappropriate item with a chew bone or toy. Praise your dog when he chews the toy. Never give your dog old shoes, slippers or anything you don’t want chewed. A dog has no way to know the difference between a good item and the one you gave him. Maybe your dog needs items with your scent on them – put chew toys in the laundry hamper for a day or two before giving it to your dog. Provide puzzle toys to chew on with special treats inside. If your dog is kept busy with appropriate chew items, it will be too tired to stray. Always remember a lot of praise when the dog chews the correct items. When home with your dog, be sure to provide ample exercise, play and quality time with you.    Read more on different breeds of dogs from our about pets library.
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    When a dog eats poop, it is known as Coprophagia and is most often common in puppies. The older dog with this distasteful habit may be lacking in sufficient nutrients. If food is consumed and passes through the intestines quickly, the stool smells and looks fairly close to the actual food eaten. This usually results in dogs that gorge down their food too fast or they eat too much. The dog needs a more nutritious diet so the body can absorb the nutrients it needs. Provide your dog a high-fiber, well-balanced nutritious diet.  This may not solve the entire problem. Coprophagia is a hard habit to break and you will have to monitor your dog every time it goes outside. In fact, walk your dog on a leash, whether you have a yard or not. Clean up immediately after the dog before he or she has a chance to eat poop. At least you can tug at the leash and say a firm “no” or “leave it!” Be sure to praise your dog for good behavior as he walks away from the feces. You can also redirect the behavior. When the dog tries to eat poop, say the “no” command and distract him by offering something else like a treat and/or a favorite toy, playing with the dog or any other action to redirect the bad behavior. The dog will soon learn that there is more fun in playing with you than the inappropriate action. When he or she does respond to you and leaves the feces alone on command, remember tons of praise. While your dog is interacting with you, it won’t be getting in trouble.      Read more on different breeds of dogs from our about pets library.