Interesting Feline Facts

Feline Facts

Interesting feline facts and things you might be interested in knowing about your cat or kitten. If you have an interesting fact please post it for review and help our community grow.


  • Cats can be blood donors for other felines.
  • Cats only meow at their humans and not other cats.
  • The feline can either be left or right-pawed.
  • Cats can jump seven times higher than their own height.
  • Cats have no sweat glands.
  • The brain of the feline is more similar to that of a human than a canine.
  • Cats have great night vision and see six times better than their humans.
  • The tongue of a cat is lined with papillae as a way to catch their prey; also helpful in self-grooming. 
  • Cats spend more than half their lives sleeping. The other half may be spent self-cleaning.
  • Egyptians thought of cats as sacred beings but also used them for their talents in hunting and killing rodents.
  • The eyes of kittens are always blue at birth and may change as they mature.
  • Cats have only four toes on their back paws and five on the fronts.
  • The female feline can give birth every four months, having up to seven kittens with every birth.
  • The feline heart beats as quickly as the human heart.
  • The memory of a cat is much more significant than that of the dog.
  • Packs of adult cats is known as a clowder while kittens are known as a kindle.
  • As humans are identified by their unique finger prints, cats can be noted by the unique ridges and patterns on their nose pads.
  • A cat named Dusty goes on record as delivering the most kittens in her lifetime; she had 420 kittens.
  • The body of the cat is very flexible and has 24 more pones than people.
  • The felines with white fur are frequently deaf in at least one of their ears. If they have one blue eye, their ear on that side of the cat is also without hearing.
  • Cats detect strong smells by opening their mouths. This is where their scent gland is noted on the roof of their mouths. This is especially true for the male seeking out his special female mate