Can my dog get sunburned?

Yes, your dog can get sunburned. 


Dogs, just as humans, can be subjected to sunburn. The cause of a sunburn is due to the direct UVL injuries to the pet's skin cells.  Your dog may be having such a good time that it is easy to  forget the perils of the sun and its heat.

You need to learn how to recognize the effects of sunburn, ways to treat it and especially how you can prevent your dog from getting burnt.  Sunburn on dogs is also known as solar dermatitis.


Read more on your dog getting sunburned and the preventative measures you can take to prevent your dog from getting sunburned. We will also outline how to tell if your dog has been burned by the sun, and what degree og burn.


Remember to ALWAYS consult your veterinarian as soon as you think you see any signs of burns or skin irritation, or any change in the skin. Such as, red inflamed skin, blisters, lesions, scaling and hair loss