How do I keep my pets calm on the Fourth of July?

The Fourth of July can be stressful for pets, especially dogs. In fact, any holiday that involves the setting off of fireworks can cause a great deal of anxiety for your pet, so here are some tips to help keep your pet as calm as possible:


~Make sure that you bring your pet inside. Pets are most comfortable in the home rather than out with the family celebrating. Note the places and the spaces around your home where your pet seems to be the most comfortable, ideally in an interior room or a room that has no access to the outdoors.


~If you must take your dog out with you, make sure you have an exit strategy. You need to be able to relocate your dog to a safe place as quickly as possible.


~Use a little aromatherapy in your dog’s favorite place. A little lavender and vanilla spray can be rather soothing. Drop essential oils into a spray bottle of water for an affordable way to encourage your dog to relax. This is a method that is commonly used around shelters to calm dogs.


~Music therapy is also helpful. You may want to add some rock n’ roll to the mix, as well as classical and soothing tunes. This is something you may need to do before the holiday and after to ensure that your pet’s stress level remains down. This tends to be a good trick to drown out the pops of fireworks outside.


~Surround your pet with items they enjoy. Cats love catnip, dogs love bones, and they all love toys.


~Thundershirts have proven to be effective, but you will need to make sure your pet has practiced wearing it in advance. These shirts bring them peace and comfort.