My cat is pregnant – what can I do?

Most often, if a cat gets pregnant, nature takes over and the cat knows what to do. As an owner, you need not intervene unless there seems to be difficulty during the delivery process. 

A cat’s gestation period varies between 60 and 70 days, depending on its breed. You will notice if your cat is pregnant by its’ 3rd week when the nipples get large and appear visibly pink. You will notice visible weight gain by the 4th week. Usually the veterinarian can determine for sure if your cat is expecting.

Cat’s do experience morning sickness after several weeks and change their eating habits, although nutrition is important. Your vet can recommend the best diet during the pregnancy with higher calcium and protein. There is not much else you can do for your cat unless complications occur. Then it’s time to consult your vet. Other than that just sit back and wait for your cat to have her baby kittens.



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