Are cats nocturnal?

Yes, cats are nocturnal and seem to get into more mischief after hours. You don’t want to punish your cat for late behavior but there are some steps you can take to put an end to the middle-of-the-night shenanigans. The first step is to make your bedroom off limits to your cat after hours. By no means should you feed into the activities after hours because this reinforces it. Instead, engage in some early evening activities with your cat(s). Cats love the feathery teasers and other games on a string.


They also love games of chase and fetch, anything that gets your cat active to expel some of its energies just before your bedtime so they will be tired at the same time. This should slow them down from playing all night. Fun time should be both mental and physical in nature and could include feeding games as mentioned earlier. Make such activities a daily routine that will not only create a special bond with your cat but also tire it out so you can get some sleep. A tired kitty is a quiet kitty.



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