Cat weight loss, avoid obesity.

When in the wild, cats tend to eat quite frequently without any obesity concerns. The reason is due to the time and physical activity necessary of foraging for their food. In domestic situations, your cat does not have to work for its grub, making kitty sometimes lazy and on the verge of obesity. Not only do you want to provide a nutritional balanced meal, your cat needs to have ample exercise to stay fit. Some options could be to literally have him/her work for its food. One of the many options could be to provide puzzle toys, balls or other interactive games with food placed inside them. Your cat will play with that toy for hours as it tries to get each morsel.


You could make some homemade games as such, by placing holes in a small box or two-liter bottle to entice kitty to reach for the food. Other games could be a hiding game where you place food bits in strategic places throughout the home. Be creative in your efforts. Cats love to hunt and will find the food, keeping him active in the process. These types of things will help your cat with weight loss and avoid obesity. If after trying various things to help your cat with weight loss and to avoid more obesity in your cat consult your vet about putting your cat on a special diet.



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