Why is my cat sneezing should I be concerned?

It is normal for your cat or kitten to sneeze every now and then but if it becomes persistent, there may be cause for alarm. It can be simply a response to an irritant in the nasal passage, a response to excitement or surprise. If there are other symptoms associated with the sneezing, it could be a medical problem such as a viral or fungal infection, a reaction to the intranasal vaccine, drainage from a rotted out tooth or to signify a cancer. Some irritants that cause cat sneezing bouts may be from cigarette smoke, perfumes, cleaning agents and pest sprays, dust or pollen, dust from kitty litter and candles.


If there are no irritant issues causing your cat to sneeze, or you note other unusual symptoms and behaviors, contact your veterinarian to get a diagnosis for a possible medical problem. Please do not guess at what may be causing your cat’s sneezing problem. If you can’t find what is causing the problem quickly please consult your vet. We are not veterinarians we are only listing possible causes.



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