Are there any health issues of a parrot?

Magabacteriosis is a bacterial infection that can affect some birds, although it is mostly seen in the wild and passed on between other birds. It is known as the “wasting” disease in young birds because it results in extreme weight loss and sometimes death. Keep the bird and its surroundings in proper sanitary conditions for the health of your bird and quarantine it from other birds that may be a carrier of illness or disease.


Parrots can also be affected by food poisoning and bacterial infections just as humans can, due to improper handling and preparation of their diets. That applies to pesticides in birds. Fruits and vegetables need to be thoroughly washed to remove all pesticides.

Psittacosis is a pathogen disease that is zoonotic (can be passed between animals and humans.) Symptoms can be mild to severe with symptoms of coughing, gagging, diarrhea and even a fever.

Polyoma is a virus that is fatal to the young birds. It most often occurs with breeders and affects the healthy baby birds as they are weaned, killing the neonates within 48 hours.

With optimum sanitation and cleanliness, along with proper care and nutrition, your bird can avoid any major health issues. As soon as you get your bird, be sure you have an avian veterinarian to care for it in the event of any health concerns.