Are there any health issues with canaries?

Although they are rather hardy, there are some health issues with the canary. Most illnesses or diseases can be avoided by feeding your canary a proper nutritious diet, allowing plenty of daily exercises, keeping the cage clean and preventing drafts.

If your canary does get ill, you will notice some weight loss as it also becomes lethargic. Droppings will be loose and changing color, the feathers become ruffled, there will possibly be a lack of appetite, wheezing, unseasonable molting and no singing.

The most common conditions and illnesses that could affect your canary are overgrown beaks and nails, broken wings or legs, ingrown feathers, cuts and open wounds, inappropriate molting due to mishandling or poor diet, weight loss, shock, heat stroke, mites, egg binding, diarrhea and so much more. As soon as you notice any of the symptoms mentioned, contact your veterinarian immediately. You will also need to isolate your bird in a hospital cage, cover the cage except for the front and place a heat lamp or heating pad over the cage to provide a constant temperature of 85 degrees. Remove everything from the cage except to place a food and water dish on the floor and speak with your avian veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.


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