What are the cage requirements for the canary?

The canary needs a large enough cage so that it can get its exercise through flight within that space. A longer rather than taller, narrow cage is best and should be at least 24 inches in length. Be cautious of the spacing between the bars, no more than ½ inches, so that the bird does not get its head stuck. Although there are a variety of unique cages, chose the wire type since it is the easiest of most other varieties to keep clean.

Provide some comfortable perches of various diameters from 3/8 to ¾ inches. Try to find perches that are not completely smooth for more comfort on the canary’s feet but avoid sandpaper perches for these birds. Some canary owners use a blade of sorts to scrape the perches slightly to give that comfortable grip if you are not able to find appropriate perches in the pet stores.

The canary cage can be kept at room temperature since canaries are pretty hardy birds. However, avoid areas with drafts, air conditioning and direct sunlight. Some light is important, indirectly. At night, you will need to cover the cage with special cage covering. The canary needs to rest, even if forced to “sleep” at night and play during daylight. It is not healthy for your canary to be allowed to stay up late and survive with artificial light.

The canary does enjoy some playtime, as long as any of the toys are not in the way of the bird’s flight exercising. You can provide such things as a swing, bells, mirrors and other hanging wooden or acrylic toys for the bird’s pleasure.


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