How to provide for my rabbit’s normal bodily elimination?

The good news is that you can actually litter box train your rabbit just as you do a cat. That would be such a blessing since rabbits potty quite often and it can have an offensive odor if not cleaned frequently. What you will need is the type of litter box pan that is used for cats. They come in various sizes depending on your bunny’s size, but it is recommended you get a larger pan, unless you have a tiny rabbit. That is the relatively inexpensive part of the whole process. 

The best litter for a bunny is CareFresh, known as bunny-safe pet bedding. It does not contain any cedar or pine chips in it. Cover the bedding with a spread of grass hay to entice your rabbit to go into the litter box, followed by some oat hay. This is a beginning process in litter box training your bunny. 


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