What are the health risks of my Chinchilla?

Besides their issues with their teeth that will keep growing without proper chewing toys, the Chinchilla has a couple of other health issues to be aware of. Their teeth should not be white like other living beings or that may be a sign of a calcium deficiency.

The male Chin may get a ring of hair growth around the penis that can cause a decrease in blood flow and other serious health issues. Check often for this “ring” that can be fatal to your little boy. Because of their thick fur, the Chin does not get fleas but is susceptible to fungus. It can be prevented by proper and frequent dust baths, along with avoiding high humidity.

Soft stools can lead to serious to fatal health conditions. If the stool appears mushy, remove all food pellets and only provide hay and water for a few days until things seem to be back to normal. You can also provide a small square of shredded wheat or small piece of very dry, nearly-burnt toast. If the problem is not cleared up in a day or two, contact the Vet for testing. It may be an internal parasitic concern.

The Chin cannot tolerate stress, which may affect its health. Care for your Chinchilla as required; let it sleep during the day since it is nocturnal, handle him with tender loving care but do not hold him for excessively long periods, and refrain from changing the environment often.