What type of cage is required for my Chinchilla?

Your Chin will require a large wire cage with a base that comes out for easy cleanup. The floor itself should not be wire. It can be uncomfortable their feet. They will also need some shelves, preferably wooden, so that your pet cannot get a leg or limb caught, causing injury. However, the Chin does love climbing and jumping. The cage should have multiple levels, and should be kept out of drafts and direct sunlight. 

You will need to provide a dust bath into the cage at least once or twice a week. You can purchase a special bath where you get the cage and other supplies, or improvise with a plastic bowl and Chinchilla sand. The only problem with that plan is to be sure you monitor your Chin so he does not start chewing on the bowl. The plastic can cause a blockage in the intestines if consumed. Leave the bath in the cage no longer than ten minutes each time or he will use it inappropriately. 

The bath should be used to keep the fur healthy without mats and excess oils. Prolonged baths can cause excessive dust to get in the eyes and cause eye disease. 


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