What illnesses can affect my hamsters?

Hamsters can be prone to some illnesses in his or her short life as any other living being so you will need to monitor your little one to be sure he/she is healthy. Some illnesses that can affect your hamster are abscesses of open wounds, infections, overgrown teeth that can hinder proper eating, eye problems due to injuries and infections as well as cataracts. Hamsters can also have respiratory infections with labored breathing, weight and appetite loss as well as discharge from the eyes and nose.

Improper damp and dirty housing along with inadequate diet can cause fungal infections. Hamsters can also be prone to gastrointestinal infections. Keep your hamster in a cool, dry area away from drafts and direct sun which can lead to heatstroke. A hamster can die quickly from heatstroke. To help your pet with heatstroke, run your pet under slightly cool water until it is alert and breathing normally. Dry him/her off, place in a clean cage away from heat and offer him/her via eyedropper some water or Pedialyte. If your hamster did suffer from heatstroke, once you have revived your little pet, take them to your veterinarian.


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