What do I feed my hamster?

Begin by choosing the best nutritional hamster food you can find and supplement it with small pieces of fruits and vegetables and occasional mealworm or crickets. Many foods for hamsters come in pellet form where healthy ingredients are ground, mixed and formed into these little pieces. Hamsters like to gnaw which is provided by this food as part of a good diet. Some foods also include a mix of nuts, dried fruits and seeds. You can try to add a little Timothy hay or alfalfa to the diet as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, being sure to remove uneaten items daily so they are not left to rot. Along with a variety of foods in the diet as listed above, there are other treats you can give your little hamster a couple of times a week. Most treats are not nutritional like the regular diet and can be sweetened which is why they should be given sparingly. Some of these treats may include nuts, seeds, dried vegetables and fruits as well as the crickets and mealworms that hamsters love. There may be items at home you can provide such as eggs (scrambled or hard boiled,) sugar-free cereal bits, uncooked pasta, dog biscuits and whole wheat bread. 


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