How do I choose a hamster?

Hamsters are cute, furry and nocturnal. When you are looking to buy one of these new little pets, there are a few things you should consider. It can be hard since they are nocturnal and are usually sleeping during “shopping hours.” Evening is the best time to select a healthy hamster. Try to check out the eyes to see if they are bright, the body robust and the fur dry and smooth with no bare patches. Although shy and timid, the hamster should not be lethargic. When awake, they are usually very curious. Take note if the rear end is soiled which is usually a sign of diarrhea. Look further at the nose, eyes and ears for cleanliness and no discharge as well as any crusting fur or staining and mats under the chin. Spend time watching the hamster you are interested in to note his/her playfulness and curious nature as well as any signs of stiffness or lameness. As with any pet, it takes time to study the animal and choose one that is happy and healthy.


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