How do i get my dog to take his medication?

There are several options to get your dog to take its medication. It doesn’t have to be a battle. Most often it is easy to hide a pill or capsule in some type of food product your dog loves – something that will not cause him harm, such as cheese, peanut butter, bologna, hot dog piece of bread, canned dog or cat food rolled into a ball, a big marshmallow or Braunschweiger. Place the medicine in the middle of the treat and place it in the palm of your hand – your dog will usually take it without even chewing.


Some medications actually come in flavored form that the dogs like, making it an easy option for administering the pills. A recent solution is known as pill pockets which can be purchased at the larger pet supply stores. They come in meat flavors and various sizes for pills or capsules. These pockets are soft and pliable so you can place the medicine inside it and roll it into a ball before administering the treat to your dog. Always make sure you use a type of food that is not harmful to your dog, or your dog is allergic to. If you are not sure what to use contact your vet.


Wach the video on how to give pills to your dog by Willard Vets.


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