What are zoonotic diseases?

Zoonotic diseases are those that are transmittable from animals to humans. Some of the diseases that can be passed on from your pet to you and pose a threat are:

The plague is a bacterium from fleas that can be transmitted through the handling of an infected animal. 
Tuberculosis is also a bacterium transmitted by close intervention with the sick pet. It is very contagious.
Cat scratch fever is caused by a bacterium called Bartonella Henselae. The fever is transmitted to a human through the bite or scratch of the infected pet. 
Hantavirus infections are spread to people through airborne contaminants of an affected animal. Contaminants may include saliva as well as droppings or urine containing the virus and as they are stirred in the air, humans may breathe it in and become infected. Stirring of the contaminants can occur by cleaning infected areas and nests. 
Tick Paralysis or Relapsing fever is caused by a bacterium known as Borrelia. It is spread by ticks that feed on infected rodents and can be passed on to you through the bite of an infected tick.


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