How to prevent dog ear problems?

Some dogs are prone to ear infections and other conditions. An infection will be noted by the head shaking as well as redness and a foul odor. Prevent moisture accumulation within the ear to keep the ear canals clean and dry in order to avoid ear infections.

Dogs with floppy ears are prone to ear infections because air is not allowed to get in the ear canal. These dogs need special attention. In order to avoid any ear infections and conditions, clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis – weekly for the floppy-eared dog or a dog with constant ear problems and monthly for all other breeds. Special ear cleaners can be found at the larger pet supply stores. Use cotton balls or swabs, but be cautious not to go too deep into the ear canal and cause damage. A homemade solution is equal parts of white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol. This is a great preventative and treatment from an early infection. Please consult your vet before doing anything.


Watch the video on how to treat dog ear infections.


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