What is the canine parvovirus and how to prevent the disease?

The canine parvovirus known as parvo can be common in puppies. It is an extremely contagious viral infection most often affecting dogs under 6 months of age. It was recently found to be the most serious disease found in animal shelters. Immediate aggressive treatment can result in good prognosis although many fatalities occur. 

Vaccinations are available to ward off this deadly disease in young puppies. If the mother dog has been vaccinated, the puppies should be immune from parvo. The best vaccine is the one that contains the modified live virus. The new vaccines stimulates antibody protection in the puppy as young as four weeks old. Otherwise, antibodies in the milk of a vaccinated mom are protected unless they did not receive her milk within 18-24 hours after birth. 

A young pup can be tested at 8 weeks of age and receive a booster vaccine at 12 – 16 weeks of age for absolute protection from the disease – and should never be ignored for the life of your dog.


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