Are cataracts a sign of old age in pets?

Cataracts in pets are most often mistaken for glaucoma and consider a disease of old age. However, this is so far from the truth. Any dog or cat of any age can be affected with cataracts, just as humans. Cataracts are a cloudy covering over the eye, which is normally clear. As a result of that opacity, it focuses and transmits light onto the retina in the rear of your pet’s eyes. A cataract blocks communication of light to the eye. Common causes of cataracts are genetics, trauma to the eye, metabolic diseases – diabetes and nutritional problems. Cataracts can develop in old age but is often confused with lenticular or nuclear sclerosis. However, this is not a cause for blindness. On rare circumstances, cataracts develop due to toxins, drugs, radiation, concentrated microwaves. This is something to discuss with your veterinarian.