What are the causes of seizures in pets?

Seizures can be a common problem in pets and sometimes just a symptom that something is wrong with your animal. Seizures are described as a sudden disruption of the nerves in the brain. The seizure is evidenced by involuntary tightening of voluntary muscles, abnormal behaviors and sensations and can last from a few seconds to several minutes. Some causes of a seizure may be liver disease, low blood sugar, tumors, diseases from inflammation or infection, as well as head trauma or a blood vessel disorder within the brain.


Seizures can be genetic with congenital problems from birth such as hydrocephalus or water on the brain. There is no definitive reason for a seizure and they are known as idiopathic. Treating a seizure disorder is all dependent upon the cause and underlying issues. Treating the primary cause of the seizures will cause them to stop.


Watch the video on what causes seizures in pets by Dr. Karen Becker