How to stop my dog from digging?

Dogs love to dig and it is not a dangerous behavior as long as your dog is not trying to escape. However, it is not good for your garden. The first thing you need to do is check the yard to be sure there are no holes in and around the fencing. Safety is the first concern as far as your dog getting out of the yard. 

Digging is a way for a dog to expel its energies. Provide your dog with other activities – walk him, run him, play ball or Frisbee, anything to get him moving. He won’t feel so compelled to dig. If you have to leave your dog outside for long periods, alone, consider puzzle toys like the Kong toy. You can place hidden treats in this type of toy, providing your dog with hours of fun as he /she works to get to the food. Many Kong toys are indestructible and a dog will not give up until every piece of food is retrieved. This is a fun and safe way to provide exercise for your pet – and they will have no time or energy to dig.


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