How do i protect my dog from heartworm?

Heartworm can be a fatal disease for your dog if they are not protected. Although veterinarians recommend prevention year round, during early spring, it is important to get your dog in for a routine blood test to be sure your dog is heartworm negative. Once the results come in, it is simple to begin a preventative plan for your dog. Your veterinarian will prescribe a once-a-month oral medication for your dog such as Interceptor, Sentinel or HeartGard.


Ask your vet about these particular medications as there are some available that work in multiple ways to repel heartworm, fleas and ticks. A topical medication, Revolution, is also available. More recently a vaccine is offered, ProHeart-6, given once every six months to protect your dog against heartworm disease. Either way, testing is recommended annually to manage the disease and protect your pet.


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