What vaccinations are required for my dog?

As soon as you get a dog, it is important to get your pup vaccinated for the prevention of common animal diseases. Puppies usually begin a vaccination regiment by the time they are six weeks old. Your puppy will receive the distemper vaccine, canine adenovirus vaccine as well as parvovirus. These vaccines will be repeated at 12 and 16 weeks of age at which time the rabies vaccine will be administered. Thereafter, your dog will receive a booster shot yearly and the rabies shot is given either annually or once every 3 years, depending on the protection and budget you have.


Some other vaccines are available, dependent upon circumstances in your life. If you frequent heavily infested tick areas like mountains and woody areas, the Lyme disease vaccine may be recommended. If your dog is in close quarters with other pets often, you may want to prevent kennel cough with the bordetella vaccine. Speak with your veterinarian regarding the recommended vaccinations for your dog in your particular area.


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