How can i stop my dog from begging?

Many dogs learn begging behavior, partly because their humans give in to feeding them people food. To stop the behavior, which is best for the animal as well as yourself, there are some things you can do. Have a set feeding time for your dog, usually at breakfast and dinner time when you sit down to eat, and stick to that schedule. Never give your dog anything but dog food. Their food should be given in a different location from the family dining area.

You can try to train your dog by crating it or blocking it from the dining area during mealtimes. While confined, make sure you give your dog something to preoccupy its time – favorite toys, puzzle toys or rawhides. If the dog whines or tries to beg, use a firm “no” and hand it one of the approved toys. The behavior will not stop immediately but with patience, your dog will learn he is not part of your mealtimes. The dog will not continue to beg if you ignore him and never give in – he sees there is no reward and will stop this annoying behavior.


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