How can you help your obese cat?

Obesity is a huge problem for many pets. It can be difficult because humans love their pets so much that they give in to the pleading eyes and feed them anything they want. However, this is extremely harmful for the animal. To help your obese cat, it may be necessary to switch to a lower calorie diet, per the advice of your veterinarian. Follow portion control exactly as specified on the package of the food.


Along with diet change, you will need to increase your cat’s daily exercise. Cats are notorious for excess weight gain because they do lead very sedentary lives. Choose a daily playtime with your cat, most often in the evenings before bedtime. There are many interactive toys available for your cat to enjoy during an evening of activity. If you are one of the lucky ones that can take your cat for walks, this is a great option for much needed exercise while enjoying the great outdoors. Any fitness plan is successful by incorporating less calories and more activity – including that of your cat.


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