How to help a cat that fears thunder?

Many pets are fearful of thunder and storms and that includes cats, although it is rare. Even though they do have an independent nature, some felines are startled by the sudden noises. You can help by counter-conditioning your pet. Distract your cat during a storm and do something you know your cat enjoys. Use a lot of praise and treats during this fun time. In extreme cases, your veterinarian can prescribe anti-anxiety medical treatments. 

Most importantly, when a storm occurs, keep yourself calm as pets reflect off your feelings many times. If redirecting the cat to other activities during a storm is not working, try to provide a safe place for your get to feel secure. The most popular spots are under the bed, behind furniture or a secret basement location, any place that may muffle the noises it fears. If your cat does not have a “safe haven” chosen, you can provide a safe place by placing some of its favorite toys (with catnip) and some food bits to encourage your cat to go there.