How to stop a cat from scratching the furniture?

Cats love to scratch and it is part of who they are. You surely don’t want your cat to continue defacing your furniture because of this deep-ingrained need. Cats try to make their presence known and scratching is their visual way of doing so for their humans. Another way is by releasing pheromones, a secretion on their bodies’ that attracts other felines. Either way, scratching the furniture is unacceptable; there are ways you can stop the destruction.

Many people choose to have their indoor cats declawed, which is a safe procedure, especially when your cat is young. This is something to discuss with your veterinarian.


Provide your cat with scratching posts, strategically placed throughout the home where your cat frequents. There should be at least one post per cat living in the home, plus an extra. If you catch your cat scratching the furniture, redirect it to a scratching post. Each scratching post should be tall enough for your cat to stretch to the top and should be stable enough so the feline does not fear it moving. 

Some people choose to cover the furniture with heave gage plastic or use repellent aerosols to keep the cats away from scratching the furniture. Other options are keeping your cat’s nails trimmed well and often.


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