How can i find my dog?

Be sure your dog always has their identification on in case it gets lost or stolen. You can choose a microchip or a collar with tags containing up-to-date phone. If your dog has a microchip and you need to find your dog, you can call the microchip provider to report the lost pet. Start searching your neighborhood immediately and talk to anyone you meet about the dog. The more people that know your dog is lost, the more people that will keep an eye out for it. Have a current photo of the dog and how you can be reached. 

Make flyers of the lost dog with a photo on it, pet information and a phone number. Post the flyers everywhere on post as well as grocery stores, veterinary offices, community centers and high traffic locations. Place ads in newspapers and with radio stations. The Humane Society suggests filling out a missing pet report in case the dog shows up in a shelter. Also remember to call the police and report your lost pet. Just a note – when someone calls to claim they found your dog, ask the caller to describe your dog in detail to avoid prank calls. 


Make sure your animal wasn’t picked up by animal control services.


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