How can i get my dog to stop eating poop?

When a dog eats poop, it is known as Coprophagia and is most often common in puppies. The older dog with this distasteful habit may be lacking in sufficient nutrients. If food is consumed and passes through the intestines quickly, the stool smells and looks fairly close to the actual food eaten. This usually results in dogs that gorge down their food too fast or they eat too much. The dog needs a more nutritious diet so the body can absorb the nutrients it needs. Provide your dog a high-fiber, well-balanced nutritious diet. 

This may not solve the entire problem. Coprophagia is a hard habit to break and you will have to monitor your dog every time it goes outside. In fact, walk your dog on a leash, whether you have a yard or not. Clean up immediately after the dog before he or she has a chance to eat poop. At least you can tug at the leash and say a firm “no” or “leave it!” Be sure to praise your dog for good behavior as he walks away from the feces.

You can also redirect the behavior. When the dog tries to eat poop, say the “no” command and distract him by offering something else like a treat and/or a favorite toy, playing with the dog or any other action to redirect the bad behavior. The dog will soon learn that there is more fun in playing with you than the inappropriate action. When he or she does respond to you and leaves the feces alone on command, remember tons of praise. While your dog is interacting with you, it won’t be getting in trouble. 



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