My dog is diabetic; do I need to feed him a special diet?

If your dog is diabetic, you will want to feed it a special diet which is high in fiber and low in fat. The diet should also be high in complex carbohydrates for better digestion. Be sure the fat is not too low, below ten per cent, or it will affect the pet’s skin and coat. A diabetic dog needs to be feed at least two to three times per day to prevent high blood sugar levels. Twice a day at breakfast and dinner is usually sufficient. Monitor what your dog eats as well to be sure it eats the full portion and prevent hypoglycemia.

Avoid obesity in your diabetic dog as well. Your veterinarian may need to prescribe a specific diet to control the diabetes as well as stabilize its weight. Pet stores also provide specific diets for the diabetic dog. A dry form of diabetic food is preferred since they have a higher fiber content. 


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