What should I do when I move my dog to a new home?

Care and thought should go into moving when you have a dog. Make several trips to the new home with your dog to introduce the environment and make him or her feel more comfortable. It will be an easier transition at the time of the actual move. Plan ahead and do all your packing early. 

Before the actual moving day, provide a crate for your dog (or keep your dog in a bathroom of the old home) until everything has been moved. The commotion can be too stressful for the dog, plus you don’t want to take the chance of the dog running away while the doors are open and everyone else is preoccupied. In the crate or room, be sure to put a lot of your dog’s favorite toys, some food or dog treats and rawhides and water. Be sure to have a leash available to use when you are ready to move your dog to the new home. The dog is the last thing moved from the old home and first thing in the new home. Once there, choose another safe area with the crate or a room, along with all his valuables until everything is moved in. Dogs usually transition very well when you move if you plan ahead, keep him safe and make it as stress-free as possible.


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