How can i get my cat to stop meowing so much?

Meowing is a way for your cat to communicate to you and needs to be addressed if it is something sudden. Otherwise, it may be due to illness, attention seeking, hunger, loneliness, stress or needing a mate. After insuring it is not a medical issue according to your vet, you can train your cat to be a little quieter. 

Don’t give your cat attention when making a ruckus. Even if it is negative attention, the cat knows this is a way for you to notice it. Ignoring the outburst of meowing is the best thing you can do, even if you must wear ear plugs. It will get louder and longer but don’t give in despite all efforts on the part of the cat.

During a quiet moment, take the time to play excessively with your cat, pet and massage it, talk to it in a loving and caring tone of voice. Only give the excessive attention when your cat is quiet and stop if it starts meowing. The cat will learn to differentiate what you expect. It will take time and patience for your cat to be re-trained, so don’t get discouraged – your cat will be more relaxed and self-assured.


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