How can i get my cat to use the cat flap?

If your cat wants to go in and out with easier access, you can install a fitted cat flap that can swing both ways, making it easier for the cat. However, you will need to get your cat used to this new “doorway.” With your cat on the inside of the flap, try enticing your cat through it with a treat. Call your cat in a loving, calm tone of voice and when he/she comes through, give them treat. Repeat this again on the other side of the flap with praise and treat as he/she goes through.

If the training has not worked, you may need to enlist an assistant to help you through the process. Choose someone that your cat trusts. You are on one side of the flap with your cat while the helper is on the other side, both holding treats. With the flap slightly open so it can see your assistant, have the helper call the cat with treat in hand until it comes through the flap – give a treat and praise. Nudge your cat through if necessary. Have the cat turned around so your helper can hold the cat while you call him or her with treat in hand. Keep practicing this process until your cat is comfortable going through the flap on its own. Remember, a ton of praise when he/she goes through the flap successfully. Your cat will soon learn and appreciate going through the flap on its own without fear.


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