How can i get my cat to stop waking me up?

Cats are predominantly nocturnal and want to play while you are sleeping. Cats can be trained not to disturb you, contrary to popular belief. Locking the cat out of the room or out of the home will not solve the root of the problem. Usually that root is boredom.

For the young cat, you may consider crate training your cat to prevent inappropriate behaviors and mischief. The kitten will grow up to realize that nighttime is quiet time. Adult cats can learn in this manner as well although it will take a lot of time and patience.

The best thing you can do is create a new routine – in the evenings after work and dinner, etc., so the cat gets everything it needs before bedtime. Play with your cat with interactive toys and tire him out. Don’t let him nap while you’re watching TV and then he will want to play when you are ready for bed. Another thing you may want to try is feeding your cat a final portion of food before bed. Cats have a tendency to wake you when their tummy speaks. If your cat does sleep in your bed, try black-out curtains – if the sun comes out, he/she will want you to get up. 


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