How can i get my cat to gain weight?

Any changes in diet should first be discussed with your doctor to be sure there are no health issues. Once assured your cat is healthy, try changing foods to find one your cat prefers. Experiment with varieties to find something your cat will love. If you have been using a dry food, add a little water to make it more appealing. Mix canned and dry together. Warm the regular food to make it more aromatic and enticing. Pour a small amount of olive oil over its food for the same effect or try adding tuna in oil. If your cat eats dry food, leave it out so he can access it whenever he wants. To put on some extra pounds, try offering your cat homogenized milk or a mixture of milk and cream if your cat can tolerate it.

Eating habits and problems may be psychological where you may need to praise and encourage your cat in a soft tone of voice to eat its food. Provide his food in an area away from disturbances and distractions. Because of the finicky habits, changing the foods often may work as well. If you still have concerns, your veterinarian may be able to advise you about a dietary supplement or a high-calorie food specific for cats that need to gain weight. Remember to consult your vet about this. Please remember, even though your cat seems skinny some breeds are naturally thin.


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