How can i get my cat to stop spraying?

Cats normally spray to mark their territory and out of dominance. It is something that can be fixed. Spaying or neutering a cat at a young age can prevent further spraying. This is something you need to speak to your vet about since desexing a cat can reduce the motivation to spray.

Multi-cat homes that seem overcrowded have territory marking problems, making castration extremely important. Have multiple litter boxes in various areas. Litter boxes must be cleaned often. If a cat appears outside the window, causing anxiety and spraying in your cat, prevent access to that window. Use an enzyme cleaner to clean areas that have been sprayed to be sure the cat will not return to the area. You may need to restrict your cat to certain areas to better monitor it until the spraying issue is resolved.

Spraying can be stressed-related as well as insecurity, confidence and self-esteem. Your cat may need tons of reassurance from you through praise, attention and affection. Play with him as often as you can, talk to him, pet and massage him. Make him feel like the most wonderful cat in the world. The extra attention can work wonders to enable your cat to feel secure and self-assured to stop spraying. Speak with your veterinarian if your cat seems uncontrollably insecure and stressed. As a last resort, anti-anxiety drugs are available. 


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