How can i get my cat to eat?

Cats are known to be when it comes to eating but sometimes the issue can be due to a medical problem. If changes in eating are a sudden concern, contact your veterinarian to be sure your cat is healthy.

To encourage your cat to eat, try offering some aromatic foods like canned tuna or sardines. Most cats cannot refuse these foods as well as liver. Warming up the cat’s normal food is sometimes more appealing to stimulate the appetite. Meat flavored baby food can be enticing, warmed – being careful there is no onion or garlic in any of the foods you offer your cat. 

Catnip can help a cat feel less stressed and acts as a natural appetite stimulant. While offering your cat a regular cat food, try mixing in some fish oil, broth or cooked egg. Don’t leave the food out too long as it will spoil. If the cat is hungry, it will learn to eat when the food is given. Cats will eat what their bodies require. You can alternate different foods for variety to reduce finicky habits. 


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