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    How to care for your cat was put together for the young kids out there, to help them get started in caring for their little kitty or adopted cat. Always ask your vet if you are not sure of something.
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    Is your dog losing their hair more then normal? This might provide you with some insight on why your dog is experiencing hair loss more hair then normal.
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    The Shih Tzu is a good family dog and is good with older children. A very popular small-sized family dog, compact, solid and with a long flowing coat that is left long for the show ring. Shih Tzu translates to mean “lion” 
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    Parrotlets make excellent pets and do best in captivity as a single pet. This small parrot does not need a “playmate” to be happy in your home and actually avoids aggressive behavior since sharing is not their best quality.
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    The Beagle is a fun smaller-sized hunting dog with a bold personality. This little pack animal and scent hound originated in England as a cross between the Harrier terrier and other England hounds. 
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    The Sphynx is a cat breed that is known for being hairless. The most contemporary and common breed of Sphynx is the Canadian Sphynx. This breed was started in 1996 in Toronto with the birth of the first hairless kitten named Prune to a mother names Elizabeth.
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    The Elf cat is a rare breed that was developed between the Sphynx and American Curl cat breeds, combining traits of both of these cats.
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    The snowshoe is a medium-large, fairly long-bodied cat that can grow up to 18 lbs or more in the males. They can have a head that is possibly triangular or have an “apple head” shape, medium to slightly large 
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      For thousands of years, it is believed that the domestic long-haired has been residing in mountainous areas of eastern Turkey. The domestic long-haired cat or DLH is a mixed breed of cat that does not have a pedigree.
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    The Eclectus parrot is very intelligent and social, requiring personal one-on-one time with their owners. They are very easy to train just because they love the personal attention and want to please you.