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  • Putting Your Pet Down When It’s Time.

    Putting Your Pet Down When It’s Time. One of the most difficult decisions you can make as a pet owner is when to put your loving dog or cat down. A pet fills a home with so much love and joy, a type of void that is unexplainable. To most people, a pet is indeed a member of the family. No on...
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  • About Pets – What They Do For Us.

    In today's world, with its constant connectedness and fast-moving pace, pets are more than companions: they're a way for us to shed our hectic day when we come through the front door. It is time to spend some quality time snuggling and playing with our furry little friends who missed us the most dur...
  • Breeders Of Puppies - The Right One

    Choosing The Right Dog Breeder   When purchasing a puppy, it is important to buy from a reputable breeder. A dog that is purchased from a reputable breeder will be a healthy addition to your family. In contrast, purchasing a puppy from a puppy mill can be a nightmare. Many times, puppies will...
  • The Role of Government in Support of Pet and Animal Welfare

    A single individual acting alone will have very little impact on public policy. The very best thing that a society can do is develop a plan of work that includes a broad view of needs within that society. That plan should include a vision that provokes voluntary action among all of the people to dev...