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Should The Pitbull Breed Be Banned?

  • Pit BullThe debate on whether to ban the breed known as pitbulls has been going on for years. Many consider this breed of dog to be born excessively violent, and unable to be around children or even other dogs. Many cases have been reported of pitbulls attacking people, and they often leave large amounts of damage. There have also been many legal issues regarding the banning of pitbulls, and some may argue that pitbulls should only be banned in certain areas such as schools, playgrounds, and local parks. Pitbulls have been known to be quite aggressive, however various pitbull owners would argue that their dog is loyal, and would never attack another human or animal. (Picure By Wikipedia}

    Some people believe the pitbull should not be banned. Pitbulls have been known for a few attacks, however these attacks have been exaggerated over the years due to the fact that they are now labeled as violent by society. Pitbulls are often dogs favored in bad areas of towns, and often times owners may abuse or neglect their pitbulls. This may in fact lead a dog to have violent tendencies, as the same study has been proven in humans as well. Pitbulls actually can be very calm and serene dogs if trained properly.



    However most do not train their dogs the moment they are born, leaving the pitbull to feel as if it is in control, which can lead to fights for dominance. Many dogs consider dominance over others as an important factor, and they will do anything to achieve it. Also, some may argue that other dogs should be banned as well in contrast to the pitbull. Other dogs tend to have the same violent tendencies as pitbulls are considered to have. However most believe that this is from lack of training, rather than the own dog's violent attributes. Many would agree that a properly trained dog can make all the difference in how they act around other dogs, as well as children and adults.

    Some dog owners and non-dog owners may argue that pitbulls are simply born with aggression. However, aggression is a personality trait and emotion, so it is not likely that this is a genetic issue. Although dominance seems to be an important attribute to this dog, and this may cause it to be violent in general. The need to be dominant can actually be a genetic trait though. One could agree that both people who believe they are born with it and born without it could be correct.


    Though with newborn puppies, it is common that they are trained right away in order to ensure that they behave properly and do not attack or assert dominance at will. Aggression can be caused by numerous factors rather than being born with it; the pitbulls in reported cases could very well have been provoked in some way to act aggressive. Then one can conclude that it is in fact not the pitbulls fault, but the provokers fault. As you can see there are many factors that one can consider when determining whether pitbulls should be banned from ownership or not, however there is a belief with proper training and rewards for your pitbull they can grow up to be loyal and decent pets.  People with children should always think carefully before owning one of these dogs.  These a very strong powerful dogs when they do get aggressive.


    Post your thoughts on the ongoing debate of the pit bull or read more on the pit bull breed.


  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo I don't know really. I think that some dogs are just mean by nature. How can you guarantee that the Pit Bull is not? I can't believe all mean Pit Bulls are trained to be mean? I wouldn't want to see any breed banned though.
    May 23, 2012
  • Barb Slocum
    Barb Slocum Saying that all pitbulls are born mean and aggressive is like saying all women are born loving and maternal. This is obviously not the case. If they can start banning dog breeds, what will they ban next? It is food for thought anyway.
    May 31, 2012
  • Soothsayer
    Soothsayer Well, I'm undecided really. I think maybe there should be a charge for owning certain dogs, then only responsible owners will want them. I do think that a dog's training has a lot to do with it.
    August 17, 2012
  • Mavis Bedford
    Mavis Bedford I have friends who own Pitbulls and they are extremely gentle and family friendly. Early training is very important and if all Pit owners did this and acted responsibly, I don't think this breed would have such a bad repuation.
    June 8, 2013

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