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Dwelf cat American born

The Dwelf cat has a longer head than it is broad and considered to be wedge-shaped with prominent cheekbones. They have fairly large, flexible ears; that are rounded and curled.

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Life Span: Can live many years. Not enough data to be accurate.

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The Dwelf cat is a new breed of cat from around 2008 and considered a hybrid. The Dwelf cat is a new breed of cat from around 2008 and considered a hybrid. The breed was created by matingthe Munchkin cat breed with the Sphynx cat and the American Curl. As a result, this new cat is completely hairless with curled ears and short legs. Since its development, this cat became a loving, popular indoor pet nationwide.


The actual name of this cat came from dwarf because of their short legs and elves known for their curled ears. The Dwelf cat has a short, stocky body that is muscular and medium-boned. They have very round abdomens andshort, muscular necks in proportion to their physique. The legs may be short but very powerful, not slowing them down one bit! The front legs may appear bowed; the paws are oval-shaped and present outstanding knuckles. At the end of their bodies is a long, flexible and tapered tail that can sometimes have a few tufts of fur at the tip.


The Dwelf cat has a longer head than it is broad and considered to be wedge-shaped with prominent cheek bones. They have fairly large, flexible ears that are rounded and curled. Their eyes are slanted, almond-shaped, large andvery expressive. Like most other hairless breeds of cat, they could be completely bald or have a slight layer of extremely fine, short, soft fur. The Dwelf cat does sometimes have eyebrows and whiskers while others have none.The skin of the cat feels like a velvety soft chamois or supple suede cloth. Their downy skin can have wrinkles on their foreheads, shoulders and legs.


This is a charming cat breed that is fairly healthy and vigorous although they can have some genetic issues related to dwarfism known as pseudo-achondroplasia, an inward curve of the spine and a sunken or funnel chest. Such issues with genetics can be avoided through proper and responsible breeding of these cats. Be aware of the Sphynx cat used for breeding purposes as they can be prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.


As with other hairless breeds, the Dwelf cat is sensitive to the cold and requires protection with a coat, sweater or snuggling under a blanket, which they love to do. They also need to eat a good, high-protein diet in order to regulate proper body temperature. They should also be kept out of the sun and sheltered with sun block.


This cat does need a minimum amount of maintenance even though it does not shed. They still need to have regular teeth brushing weekly, cleaning out the ears from excess oils and debris and baths to maintain clean, supple and soft skin. In between the bath, you may need to wipe down the cat to avoid the over-abundance of oil that seems to occur with the hairless breeds of cats.


The Dwelf cat is a real family cat and loves to be the center of your universe. They get extremely excited when you return home from a long day of work, waiting to play and snuggle in your lap. They can be very friendly and cuddly with all your guests since they are very sociable, entertaining, playful and very active. They love being handled and adore human interaction.


Those little legs should not fool you, either as they have no problem climbing to “new heights.” With their entertaining personality, they have a way of cheering up a crowd. They adapt very easily to your schedule, despite their nature to be nocturnal. They will do whatever they can to get in some cuddle time and human interaction.

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