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Dogs from China

The Pug dog is described as a lot of dog in a small space. They are known to have an even temper, a very outgoing, loving and playful personality. They have akeen, happy-go-lucky attitude, spirited, loyal and affectionate.

Other names: Chinese pug, Dutch Bulldog, Dutch Mastiff, Mini Mastiff
Origin: China
Life Span: up to 15 years
Weight: 13 to 20 pounds
Height: 10-14 inches.
Litter Size: average 3 puppies


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The Pug As A Pet

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Pug dog breed informationThe Pug is a small dog that is a bit stocky and square in nature, with a very unique face.The head is round and rather large with a short muzzle. The moles on the cheeks of this breed are considered beauty marks. The eyes are gorgeous, big and brown. They have thin button-shaped ears. The Pug does have wrinkles that are large and deep on the face. The tail is curled over its back.The Pug has short, soft fur that is fine and smooth. Their coats come in black, apricot, fawn and silver and the face is distinguished by a well-defined mask. They need regular brushing and massaging to keep their skin and coats in optimum condition.


They do need their “wrinkles” to be dried, cleaned and cared for weekly to prevent moisture, infection and further problems.The Pug has been around since before 400 B.C. It is believed that the breed came from Asia due to its similarities to the Pekingese and they were used as pets of the Buddhist monasteries. Afterwards they made their appearance in Europe and Japan. They were indeed dogs of royalty in China and England for generations. The Pug became popular in the 19th century and they have since made their way to the USA where the AKC recognized them in 1885.

This little dog became a favored pet and companion. Because of their shape, the Pug is described as a lot of dog in a small space. They are known to have an even temper, a very outgoing, loving and playful personality. They have a keen, happy-go-lucky attitude, spirited, loyal and affectionate.


The Pug is highly intelligent and is easy to train. However, they can keep you laughing as well with their lively, rambunctious nature. They do make good watchdogs although they are not yappers. This breed gets along well with children, other dogs and pets, making them a super family dog. Pugs range between 10 and 14 inches tall at the withers and 13 to 20 pounds in weight. Their life expectancy is about 12 to 15 years.


They do not do well in extreme hot or cold weather and catch a cold easily. Pugs are prone to allergies and difficulty breathing because of their short muzzles. They are also susceptible to skin problems which can be monitored and avoided with regular grooming. Pugs in their adolescent years can be predisposed to aninflammation of the brain – cause unknown. Pugs have difficulty giving birth and usually need a caesarean section due to the pup’s head size. Other concerns are the eyes and a condition known as weeping and obesity if overfed, causing a shorter life. Properly fed and maintained, your Pug can live a long happy life.


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