Top 5 Family Cats

Top 5 Family Cats 


Did you ever wonder what are the best breeds of cats for your family? Are you thinking about some little kittens for the children? You will want to look into the best cats for kids and what the best family cats are. Kittens can be a handful. You will want to do some research on the best breeds of cats and the best cats to own. You will want family cats that do well with children.

One of the best cats to own is the American Shorthair. This breed of cat is laid back, easy going and good with children. They range in size from medium to large when fully grown. The American Shorthair can be quite playful one moment and cuddly the next. 

The Bombay is a breed that is not as well-known as the American Shorthair; however, this is a wonderful breed. Some of the best cats for kids are ones that get along with dogs as well. The Bombay is an outgoing and affectionate cat that does get along well with children as well as dogs. This cat may not be the best choice for a home that has multiple cats due to its tendency to like to dominate other cats.

Burmese cats are extremely affectionate and like a lot of attention. They love to snuggle up with family members and are usually very friendly to strangers.

The Ragdoll is a cat that you may actually be able to train a little. They love treats and are willing to do things for them. That is what makes it possible to teach them things. The ragdoll is a very gentle cat with a pleasant demeanour. This cat is very good with children. They are born white in color and develop color as they grow. They require brushing once or twice a week.

If you are looking for a cat known for its happiness then you should look at the Japanese Bobtail. This cat is perfect for families with kids and will bond with every family member. They like water and are quite curious and playful. Bringing a kitten into the home is an important decision. It is critical that you find the breed of cat that will blend with your family.

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  • Pink Lab
    Pink Lab Who knew that cat breeds are similar to dog breeds in that it *does* matter which one you choose! I think the only cat breed that I would avoid is one where the felines are completely oblivious to my existence.
    March 22, 2012
  • Fred Stone
    Fred Stone I've never heard of a couple of those breeds. I'm surprised to not see the Maine Coon on the list. This is one of the sweetest family cat breeds there is. They are even-tempered and tolerant, perfect for families with children.
    March 28, 2012