Apartment Dogs

Apartment Dogs

Best apartment dogsWhen bringing a new dog into your home, you have to consider the space needed for a happy, healthy pet companion. For instance, a Great Dane must have a large home with a yard whereas the Chihuahua is happy in an apartment situation with limited space. Certain dogs do not do well in an apartment setting unless it does get ample exercise. 

For many families, a dog fills a void in the home but they don’t always give enough thought to the type of dog when it comes to apartment life. There are many breeds of dogs that can live happy lives within an apartment. Size and energy levels of the dog you are looking for should be a consideration. Tiny dogs with a lot of energy can still romp comfortably around the apartment but a medium-sized energy pet would need to be exercised daily to meet its needs. Otherwise, you will have a dog with pent-up energies destroying your home.

Some of the dogs recommended are small to medium in size, usually rather energetic and can be problem barkers. But this is not always the case and most dogs can adapt to apartment life rather easily. Some breeds to consider are as follows:

• The Pug that weighs up to 25 lbs and is happy to snuggle up in slumber all day as long as it gets minimal walks daily
• The Schipperke is not the most well-known breed but grows up to 18 lbs. This dog is more energetic needing ample walks
• The miniature or toy Schnauzer are great apartment dwellers and love human interaction
• The Scottish terrier reaches about 20 lbs while the Yorkshire terrier is a tiny little guy. West Highland terriers max at about 25 pounds and require little exercise and lots of cuddling
• Cocker spaniels grow medium in size and need minimal exercise. It spends its day relaxing and waiting for your return
• The Welsh corgi is about 25 lbs with a stocky build and requires daily walks
• The Lhasa apso and Shih Tzu are wonderful small to medium-sized apartment dogs
• The Brussels Griffon is a terrific apartment dweller, small in size with minimal energies 

Other great breeds to consider are the Whippet, Italian greyhound, toy poodles, Bischon frise, Boston terrier, Boxer, Chinese Crested, Cockapoo, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Havanese, Pekinese, Malti-poo, English bulldog, Maltese, Tibetan, Skye, Cairn and Silky terriers. You need to do your research when choosing a pet companion that will be happy in an apartment environment. Some larger dogs are more docile and laid back than smaller breeds but you need to be committed in long daily walks and outdoor fun time to meet their physical needs. 

Choosing the right dog for your apartment and life is a big decision but one that you should consider if you want to share your life with a sweet and loving pet companion. Dogs add so much to your life just with the touch of a wet nose, the wag of a tail and a wet kiss. Dogs do indeed fill an empty space in your heart, your life and apartment.

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