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Teacup DogsA teacup dog is not recognized by any dog club such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the British Kennel Club (KC). A teacup pet of any sort is actually a smaller than normal toy breed of dog due to its breeding. Many people love the smaller-sized dog because they are cute and easy to hold, carry in your purse or bag, travel with, cuddle and snuggle. 

The teacup dog is a term given to toy dogs that are smaller than their standard size. The selective breeding of the teacup dog was originally developed to meet the busy lives of people who want a tiny “take with you” type pet. These little dogs were at one time considered a status symbol with celebrities and other wealthy individuals. Most other dogs serve a purpose such as working, guarding, service or hunting dogs, granting their own cost of upkeep by the services they provide. The teacup dog gains its upkeep from its ultimate cuteness. A teacup pup has a body temperature of 100.2 to 100.8 degrees, bringing you a lot of warmth as you cuddle your companion. 

Some of the most popular teacup dogs are known as the tiny Yorkshire terrier, Chihuahua, Maltese, Pug, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Silky terrier and poodle, to name a few. A toy breed of dog may weigh about 7 lbs or less full grown whereas the teacup puppy could weigh less than 4 lbs full grown. These tiny dogs make great companions, bringing you ultimate pleasure. Most breeders charge exuberant prices for the smaller sized dog and make it all about money when adopting this tiny breed, something you need to take into consideration when looking for such a precious animal.

Teacup dogs are like most other breeds of dog except they do indeed require extra attention and care, something you should consider with any pet you welcome into the family. Because of their size, they are more fragile than the larger dogs and not always a welcome addition to a home with young children. Despite their extra care needs, learn how to respect and love these little guys and you can have the best snuggly friend for many years to come, especially if you are the nurturing-type of person.

Rumor has it that most of these tiny breeds are not healthy, which is not necessarily true if adopted from a reputable breeder. As with any other breed of dog, regular check-ups and a vaccination regiment setup with your veterinarian will keep your pup in a healthy state. There are some health issues that the smaller dog can be prone to such as hydrocephalus and hypoglycemia. Hydrocephalus is a buildup of water or fluids on the brain, but it is not a guarantee your little dog will be affected. Hypoglycemia on the other hand is when the dog suffers from low blood sugar due to inappropriate eating and mostly affects the very young small dog. Such a problem is easily maintained with a little honey daily until your teacup pup reaches about six months of age and eats a good, nutritional diet.

The teacup dog breeds may be small but definitely try to make up for their size; small but mighty. In fact, these little guys can be a bit feisty for that reason and need to be trained to be respectful and obedient just like their older relatives. Because they are little, many people do not realize this, they baby and spoil the small dog which sometimes can create a mini-monster.

They are very much like children and do require a little extra attention and precautious care. They can easily choke on objects so be sure to keep small items off the floor and other reachable areas. It does not take much to cause them harm, so it is important to never give them access to any type of food, medications or other toxins that can cause grave danger to your little baby. On the other hand, they are still dogs and still require healthy diets, going for walks, fitness through playtime and toys along with regular potty trips outside, despite the weather, and no human foods. Just slip on a coat or sweater and limit outdoor time. Another precaution for the smaller dog outdoors is to be aware of any and all predators such as hawks, owls, wolves, coyotes and other animals that prey on small creatures like your beloved pet.

Provide a nice warm, cuddly bed for your little dog and it could actually be a good idea to crate train your pet. Crates are not just for potty training but little dogs learn to love their small crate decorated with its favorite bed, blankets and toys as its safe haven or private bedroom. When home, allow the cage to remain open so your pup can go in and out as it wishes; when you not home, you can rest assured your dog is safe in your absence. 

Both the larger and smaller dogs have their own special needs and requirements but something you are committed to doing once you bring that pet into your home. Keep up with a healthy nutritious diet, take extra care in pet-proofing your home and yard and maintain a health regiment with your veterinarian to guarantee a long life with your little dog. The teacup dog species can provide you up to 15 years of great companionship which is longer than that of larger breeds. 

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