Canine Summer Safety Tips For The Family

Summer Dog Safety TipsAs you settle in to the beauty and warmth of the summer season, you are probably anxious to enjoy all that nature has to offer with family and friends. Barbecues, picnics and family get togethers including the family dog. For the safety and fun of all concerned, your dog will need special care during outdoor activities. 

Keep your dog away from the grill while lighting it, during the cooking and at any time it is still hot to the touch. Place the grill at least 10 feet from guests, the children at play and your dog. Warn everyone to stay away from a hot grill in order to prevent it from tipping over and causing any injuries. If you must restrain your dog during this time for its own safety, please do so.

It goes without saying that you should never offer your dog food directly off the grill. Not only are these edibles dangerous for your pet because they are very hot, all human foods can cause a dog stomach distress. At all family and friend gatherings, let everyone know, “do not feed the dog.”

It is so easy to forget and lay things around but when it comes to pets and children, you need to be more cautious. During summer activities and barbecues, it is not unusual to be using lighter fluid, lighters and citronella candles to keep away pesky mosquitoes. If a dog gets a hold of any of those types of items and they are ingested, it can cause your dog damage to its central nervous system as well as irritate its lungs and stomach.

Other items to keep tabs on and away from your dog are plastic silverware, cups and plates, cooking tongs, basting brushes and your cooking fork. Be sure all trash and leftovers are placed in a securely tight garbage can. Be cautious of children’s playthings - small items are pieces of curiosity for your dog and if swallowed can cause a blockage, putting your pet in danger. 

Remember the importance of hydration in summer and family parties. During the hustle and bustle of guests and festivities, the pups are sometimes forgotten. The close family members need to remember to monitor the dog at all times. If he/she gets thirsty, the dog will drink from any stream of water, pond or puddle which could contain a toxin, parasites or more. Provide plenty of fresh drinking water for your dog. Speaking of water, never assume your dog can swim if a pool is nearby. Not all dogs can swim and may drown. 

It does take a little effort on your part to be sure the whole family including your dog can have a fun but safe summer as long as you follow a few preventative measures. Also remember how easily a dog can overheat quickly throughout the hot weather. Dogs do not sweat. Limit their exposure to excessive heat and provide plenty of water – make the season a happy and safe season for all.

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