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Our pet social network and pet lovers forum has a tight-knit community of animal lovers that are willing and able to chat with you through pet forums, the pet social networking and blogging where you can share stories, ideas and tips in caring for your pets. Some of the best, most helpful ideas come from other caring pet owners like you who are always willing to offer new concepts that can assist in the care, love and nurturing of your own pets. Please feel free to post your pet's profile, pictures, interesting articles, or services (under our pet services section) We are a pet community that shares, and we welcome your contribution.



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  • Zookeeper
    Zookeeper has added a new article:
    Pug Dog | Owning Pugs As Pets
    • August 21
  • Zookeeper
    Zookeeper posted a new video:
    Pug Dog | Owning Pugs As Pets
    They do not do well in extreme hot or coldweather and catch a cold easily. Pugs are prone to allergies and difficulty breathing becauseof their short muzzles. They are also susceptible to skin problems which can be monitoredand avoided with regular groomi...
    • August 21
  • Zookeeper
    Zookeeper has added a new article:
    South Russian Ovcharka Sheepdog as a Pet
    • August 11
  • Zookeeper
    Zookeeper We here at Pet's Parlor would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Wanda Clark. She passed away yesterday and was one of Pet's Parlor's biggest fans. We will always be grateful for her support. In honor of Wanda, here is ...  more
    • August 6
  • Zookeeper
    Zookeeper This is a great story!

    Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted – The Results Were Perfect

    ...  more
    • July 16
  • guelphanimalhospital
    guelphanimalhospital posted a new pet:
    Guelph Street Animal Hospital
    • May 11
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